Karon Beach GA645


Velvia50 f16 – 1/250s ISO50

People tell me slide tolerance is terrible like digital, but this photo turned out pretty good. the GA645’s meter is pretty capable too, and also, no sun star even though it was at f16…

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Nikon L35AWAF ピカイチカリブペイント


Nikon L35AWAF with Fujifilm Press 400. Contrast and saturation turned up.


The Nikon L35AWAF was rated for 3.0m when new. I discounted that figure a bit, given it is more or less 30+ years old. Underwater, focus is manually selected at 0.7m, 1.1m, 1.6m and 3.5m. In Japan, it is known as the ピカイチカリブペイント  a.k.a. the Pikaichi Caribbean.


On land, it is basically the L35AF, so sharpness is not an issue. You do lose some functions such as ISO selection and that little backlight button that makes the camera over expose.


Zoomed in on the cat. Original scan at 4800dpi


Overall, it is a superb little camera. My old man keeps finding them at thrift stores for 4.99. I got mine off a lady selling garbage on the streets of Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong for 40 dollars. The film counter is broken, so instead of winding until film 1, it shoot the moment you close the back and gives you 39frames a roll. The other thing I realized is that the film advance is not connected to the film counter, so the film advance spacing is kept. Think about it, every stroke of film advance lever should not wind the same length of film, especially when the spool is getting thicker and thicker as more film is advanced!


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Rawai Landing Pier


f9.5 1/125s ISO40

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Phuket Karon Beach


f8.0 1/125s ISO50 +0.5EV




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Epson V850 (GTX 980) green line streak defect


img776While I was scanning, I noticed a light color light would show up quite consistently. img776cI first thought it was Independence Day, but it seems to be a common problem that has been well documented with the Epson V600 series. Flickr got a discussion group talking about it (key word search green yellow light epson film scanner).

img787To identify the problem, I scanned a blank page

img787cOnce we turn the contrast up, it is easy to see the defect. I’ve taken the advise to wipe the scanner glass with a dry cloth and the problem seems to have gone away. Lucky.

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Arsat Mir 26b 45mm


img778f5.6 1/60 ish  Hugh contrast scene.Color a bit fogged up, newer lens with coating would hold up significantly better (not to mention this was Velvia RVP already).

Img778cTuned using Color Efex Pro 4 (which is now FREE). Not subtle at all and is a bit cartoonish.

IMg778cccThe lens is not really delivering the the kind of sharpness you expect from a 135 system if you look at the same 5mm by 5mm sampling area on the film, but being a 6×6 system with 4 times the film area as 135, I think it was a race the Arsat can well afford to come close behind. The hair on the cat’s left eyebrow is showing up better than I expected, but part of me was expecting to count hair and see little fleas. the dim focusing screen and slow shutter speed are also contributing factors.

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Arsat Mir 26b 45mm f3.5


Shot on Velvia RVP, guess exposure, feels like 2 stops over at least. Pretty relaxing picture.

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